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Our Process

When making a trip, it is important to know the route that we will follow for example where we will stop, how long it will take, who will accompany you, etc. Carrying out a project is remarkably like a journey, and it is especially important to know the path we will follow, and the stages it will take. Of course, we at Reyes Construction Group LLC want to be by your side along this journey, guiding you towards making your dream a reality.
Discover the road that will take you to the dream destination: The trip begins with you letting us know that you have a dream that you want to come true! Call or write us and we will be ready to start the trip.
We will schedule an initial appointment in the comfort of your home.
In this first appointment we will be all ears to listen to the ideas you have in mind; what you want to include, what you need, what materials you are drawn to, etc. During this process, our representative will be able to contribute some ideas based on their experience to help make your dreams a reality, and we will continue to work together to help your dream project come to life. In this first appointment, our representative will also take some time to measure the area, take some notes, and evaluate any possible challenges we might encounter along the way.
At this point you have the choice to submit your own design plans based on these discussions, or we will be happy to include professional designs for your project for an extra cost.
The next step will be for our representative to prepare a proposal for you, in which we will explain step by step what will be done, what materials will be used, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to complete the project. Usually this proposal will take a couple of weeks. (up to this point there is no commitment, estimates are free) After we send you our proposal, you review it and if you want to make changes this is the right time, we make the necessary adjustments, and if we reach an agreement, we sign a contract.
In the next step, our staff prepares the necessary papers, the necessary plans to begin the process to obtain the building permits in the offices of the county where your home is located.
How long does this take? The amount of time it can take to get specific building permits vary depending on each county, and how busy they are at the time. During this time, we continue our work by starting to look for some components of the build, such as cabinets, ceramics, tile, and other tasks that we can do in advance. During the development there will be many opportunities for you to select materials and objects to make the project your style and personality, but don’t worry, we will we will tell you the options, the quantities, and where go to be able to physically see different option to make this process as stress-free as possible. Throughout the process, you can count on our support and suggestions.
When we get the necessary permits, the same person you have been dealing with will be ready to lead the project and we begin the construction process. There will be a little noise and a little dust, but we will try to be as considerate as possible, always respecting you, yours, and your house.
Walk Through. After completing the work, the same person who accompanied you on this path will accompany you on a final tour of the project, in which you will point out any details that do not meet your expectations, and we will correct them until you are completely satisfied, because for us the most important thing is your satisfaction. When we achieve it, the project will be complete!