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We take care of everything, from start to finish!

Reyes Construction Group LLC. is more than a company, it is a family that at work as in life we like to be united, part of our work team is made up of a father and two children who have been working together in the construction industry residential since 1998, that is why our slogan says “doing things right since the last century”

In 2000 we started as: Reyes carpentry inc. We basically dedicated ourselves to build the structural part of the houses, but soon the needs to better serve led us to expand our services and in 2005 we built our first complete house inside and outside by ourselves, this house is in the city of Fairfax at 3633 Heritage LN. after this we are a residential construction company dedicated to addition, renovation, and remodeling.

In 2019 in order that our name better reflect what we do, we decided to change our name and we stopped being Reyes Carpentry INC. to become Reyes Construction Group LLC.

And today as in the past we want to continue serving our clients with the same commitment to honesty, respect, integrity, and responsibility.

To guarantee our commitment, we have a team of subcontractors with whom we have walked together for many years and who, like us, are tireless workers to achieve the best completion of our clients’ projects. We also have our class “A” license granted by the Board for Contractors of the state of Virginia, we have our updated insurance, and everything necessary to obtain our permits throughout the state of Virginia.

we will always be ready to make your dreams come true.